Java代写 | Introduction to Programming Assignment-Arrays

这次Java代写为入门的Introduction to Programming,构造Array数组并进行组合排序的实现。

Problem Description:

Using the steps for Problem Solving – generate for the following problem:

  1. The test program (test plan is not required) and
  2. Code to be
  • Create a SortedStringArray class (an array of Strings with entries in sorted order, with no duplicates, that grows as needed) with the following methods:
    • SortedStringArray() – Default constructor, Constructs an empty SortedStringArray with an initial capacity of
    • SortedStringArray(int initialCapacity) – Initial constructor, Constructs an empty SortedStringArray with the specified initial
    • boolean add(String s) – Add entry in the correct sorted

Increases capacity if needed. Returns true if added, false if not o   void print() – Print the sorted array

  • String get(int index) – Get the entry at the sorted position, returns “ERROR” if given the invalid index
  • int getIndex(String entry) – Get the index of the given entry, returns -1 if the entry does not exist
  • boolean delete(int index) – Delete the entry at the given index, returns true successfully deleted, false if not
  • boolean delete(String entry) – Delete the given entry, returns true successfully deleted, false if not
  • int size() – Returns the number of Strings in this
  • int capacity() – Returns the capacity of this
  • Create an Assign4 class (a test program for SortedStringArray) – a start version has been provided. Each method (except for print) must have at least one

Note: SortedStringArray MUST be written from scratch (i.e. you may not have any import statements)

 Submission Requirements:

  • You must create a .zip file that contains ONLY the following (with your name, section, lab teacher listed in comments in the header of each class):
    • java file
    • java file – test program with at least one test case per section
  • The .zip file must have the following as its name
    • Your last name, your first name, the word “Assign4” Example
  • Submit the .zip file through the Assignment feature which has been enabled in the CST8110 Brightspace course. This should be directly under the Assignment description.
  • Marks will be given for correct submission (i.e. marks will be deducted for incorrect submission!



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