Java代写|MA117 Project 3: Determinants of Matrices Homework



Administrative Details

  •  This project is the third ofthethree assignments required for the assessment in this course. Details of the method of the submission via the Tabula system have been described in the lecture notes and are also available on the course web page.
  • Thisassignment will count for 40% of your total grade in the course.
  • Theautomated submission system requires that you closely follow instructions about the format of certain files; failure to do so will result in the severe loss of points in this assessment.
  •  You may work on the assignment during the lab session,provided you have completed the other tasks thathave been set. You can always use the work areas when they are not booked for teaching, 7 days per week. If you are working on the assignment on your home system, you are advised to make regular back-up copies (for example by transferring the files to the University systems). You should note that no allowance will be made for domestic disasters involving your own computer system. You should make sure well ahead of the deadline that you are able to transfer all necessary files to the University system and that it works there as well.
  •  Youwill notbe able to test your code for correctness using Tabula, but you can resubmit your work several times, until the deadline, if you find a mistake after your submission. A later submission always replaces the older one, but you must re-submit all files.
  •  Remember that all work you submit should be yourownwork. Do not be tempted to copy work; this assignment is not meant to be a team exercise. There are both human and automated techniques to detect pieces of the code which have been copied from others. If you are stuck, then ask for assistance in the lab sessions. TAs will not complete the exercise for you, but they will help if you do not understand the problem, are confused by an error message, need advice on how to debug the code, require further explanation of a feature of Java or similar matters.
  • Ifyou have more general or administrative problems e-mail me immediately. Always include the course number (MA117) in the subject of your e-mail.




  1. Formulation of the Problem

Matrices are one of the most important mathematical concepts to be modelled by computer, being used in many problems from solving simple linear systems to modelling complex partial differential equations.


  1. Programming Instructions

On the course web page for the project, you will find files for the following classes. As with the previous projects, the files have some predefined methods that are either complete or come with predefined names and  parameters. You  must  keep  all  names,  parameter types  and  return types  of public objects  and methods as they are in the templates. Other methods must be filled in and it is up to you to design them properly.


  1. A note on efficiency

Your code will not, generally, be tested for efficiency, and will not be tested for very large matrices; at most, you will be given a 100×100 matrix. However, it perfectly possible to calculate the determinant of such a matrix in much less than a second using the methods outlined here. Bear in mind that you will need a certain amount of efficiency in your code to complete the Project3 class.

Whilst it is certainly possible to write all this code on bell, I heartily encourage you to do your initial testing on your laptop or desktop machine. Not only do they provide a more friendly development environment, but if you inadvertently run code with an infinite loop, it will not have an impact on other users.


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