Java代写 | CS18000 Summer19 Project4



Super heroes are all the rage right now. The two most prominent worlds of fantasy that have been followed by many fans from the comic world to the movie scene are Marvel and DC Universe. People have flocked together to enjoy the entertainment provided by these fantasy worlds and the characters with their inspiring backstories. With so many different types of super heroes between these two worlds, it could prove useful (and fun!) to implement a database that archives all your entries.

Today, you will be implemenng a few Java files that work together to manage a database of these super heroes so you can keep track of all the heroes you have seen. Funcons of this database include add, delete, edit, reading and wring to a file.

You will implement the following: 1. Part 1: Classes

2. Part 2: Driver
3. Part 3: Reading and writing to a file. 4. Part 4: Data mining (Optional)

Part 1 – Classes

With knowledge of what Objects are in Java, you should now be able to apply that knowledge to this project. The usefulness of having classes inherit a superclass will be evident when you try to have a data structure that holds all your desired informaon about your heroes without actually knowing what Object it will be ahead of me.

Part 2 – Driver

To bring everything together so you can actually use your newly constructed database, write another class named that contains but not limited to the following methods:

Part 3 – File IO

As with all good databases, you do not want any of your data lost if you have to take down the database for maintenance and such. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a very useful database now would it?
That is why you are implemenng reading and wring to a file for your program so you can save all the informaon you have collected before exing your program and reloading everything back in when it restarts.

Part 4 – Data mining (Optional)

To make things even more interesng, we will be adding another feature that allows the user to mine informaon from already exisng databases on the web. This will make your database even more modular and viable!


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