JavaScript代写|FIT1050 Web Fundamentals Assignment 3 Website Development and Report



Using a website template, develop a homepage for a website that promotes a fictional sports club. Think carefully about the target audience of the site and information the site should provide. The design should professionally present both text and image content.

You will also write a short report that explains 5 important decisions relating to the design of your website.

Select Your Website Topic

Your website must contain fictional information about a sports club that allows people to learn about a sport and participate in club events. Choose one of the sports from this list:

  1. Baseball / Softball
  2. Basketball
  3. Bowling
  4. Cricket
  5. Football / Soccer
  6. Gymnastics / Yoga
  7. Hockey
  8. Swimming / Diving
  9. Tennis / Table Tennis
  10. Volleyball

The sports club being promoted by the site will be fictional. Think about the variety of different types of sports clubs that target a specific demographic. For example:

  • A local community group that meets weekly to play a sport
  • A school sports team that competes in tournaments
  • A professional sports team with a large fanbase

Site Content and Technical Guidelines

You must develop your website using one of the website templates available on the following website:

You can only select a template from the OS Templates “Free Website Templates” section.

Note: Templates are in 7-zip format. You may need additional software to unzip the file.

Use Chrome’s DevTools and a code editor to customise the template to build your site.

Customisations should include changes to content, structure, and visual design.

  • Change all text and image content in the template.
  • Add, remove, and rearrange content sections within the template.
  • Customise colours, backgrounds, and fonts to change the visual design.

Downloaded images must have a licence that allows free commercial use. Public Domain or Creative Commons licensed images are preferred, but other licences that allow free commercial use will be allowed (check with your tutor if you are unsure).

You must also demonstrate a basic understanding of client-side scripting by researching and implementing at least 1 useful interactive feature using JavaScript code. You may write original code (e.g. based on lab activities) or make use of downloaded third-party scripts

The website must be uploaded to a web host for final testing. Server-side scripting (PHP, MySQL, etc.) is not required and not assessed in this assignment.

All media content must be appropriately optimised for web delivery. Aim to only transfer a maximum of 25MB of resources when your page loads.

Report Guidelines

Write a short report between 750-1250 words justifying some important decisions you made when designing the website.

Include the following information at the start of the report:

  • An overview of your site topic and purpose.
  • The specific target demographic that the site is designed to appeal to.
  • The URL where your hosted website can be accessed online.

In your report, provide a justification for the most important decision made for each of the following design considerations. Your justification should make use of knowledge covered in this unit, supporting research or consideration of user goals/preferences.

  1. Site content
  2. Visual design style
  3. Information architecture
  4. Accessibility
  5. JavaScript interaction

Your report must include a reference page that lists all non-original resources used in your website. This includes:

The website template that the assignment is based on.

  • All non-original text that you have researched.
  • All download images and any other media content.
  • Researched code, including downloaded scripts and online tutorials.
  • Third-party linked resources, including webfonts and JavaScript code.

Formal referencing style is not required. References may be in the form of a title/filename and source URL. References are not included in the report’s word count.

Deliverables and Submission

Upload your website and report to Moodle as a single ZIP archive file. The file should contain:

  • Your website files in a “website” folder

○ Include all files required to view your website.

○ Remove files that are not required to view your website.

○ The total size of your website folder should be under 25MB.

○ Remember to upload your website to a web host

  • Website development report

○ The report should be in PDF or DOCX format.

○ Include the URL of your hosted website at the start of the document.

○ Include references for your website at the end of the document.