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In Java, a .class file is a file that is produced by the compiler from Java source file (.java file). It contains the Java bytecode of a program that is required by the JVM to execute. For instance, the code snippet below is a line from the


Reading the file would mean nothing to you but that is what the JVM requires to run the program in the computer.

Your task is to:

  1. Develop an original java application that demonstrates the core concepts of OOP. Compile this application to generate the bytecodes and use the concrete base class for this task.
  2. Create another class that will use Reflection API to access the information from your compiled base class.
  3. Your class in #2 must be able to re-create the exact copy of the base class but excludes the

argument names

logic within the methods

Create a separate package for Task1 and include it in the IT7374_Assignment1_yourStudentID folder.



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