PHP代写 | CS 5200 Project Proposal


CS 5200 Project Proposal

Project Description:
People often prefer to go through the rating provided by others on a movie or tv series
before watching them. So, we planned to build a Movie Database System, where users can
log on to and check reviews on the movie and TV Series of their interest. The Application
also allows users to provide reviews of their own.
Justification for SQL Database (MySQL):
• MySQL Database can support complex queries to be performed on the data stored in
the database.
• It is important that the database responds quickly to the user requirements.
• MySQL also supports Replication, so the database can be hosted on multiple servers
which ensures workload balance and scalability as the users of the applications
• NoSQL databases are slow in providing response if the queries are complex.
• Also, NoSQL databases are suitable if schema of the database are dynamic. In our
application schema is not dynamic.
Description of the Application:
We plan to make a website for searching movies and tv series. There will be three types of
users – a registered user, a nonregistered user and the administrator. The administrator will
have access to all registered users’ information. A user can CREATE their account for first
login. The movie search panel READS data from the database and displays it on the website.
A user can UPDATE their personal data. Admin can UPDATE the database information or any
other user information. Admin can DELETE a user or a movie related information.
Registered user can –
Create a watch list.
Comment on a movie.
Rate a movie.
However a nonregistered user can only search for a movie title.
Apart from these we are also planning to add a movie recommendation facility which will
suggest the user movies similar to their area of interest.


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