PHP代写 | Repeat CA Brief

本次使用php进行web开发,使用mysql作为数据库,构建Restful标准的web service,要求使用JWT实现基于TOKEN的无状态登录。

Repeat CA Brief

You are required to design, document and implement an appropriate Web Service in php/ mysql and then have it consumed by a web site. In addition you must consume a 3rd party web service.

Basic Requirements

1)      Web Service Requirements:

The web service must implement a JSON Web Token based authentication process i.e. a user must register and receive a token to use the web service – the token must be saved in a database – the ability to change / restrict access based on the token is your responsibility – the more complex the more marks.

The web service will be activated using REST.

The consumption of the web service is to be in PHP as part of your web site.

2)     3rd Party WS consumption

Your Web Site must consume a 3rd Party Web Service, again marks will be assigned based on the complexity of the implementation. Most social networks provide an authenticated Web Service.

3)     Report on your activities.

You need to document the activities with respect to the Web Service CA. This report is important as it will be used to gauge the amount of involvement you provided to the project.


  • The php code for the web service including registration etc and any database SQL files (also include your php consumer site)
  • Public documentation on the use of the Web Service i.e. an API document – this can if you wish be documented on the web service
  • Design document for the Web

Marking Scheme:

  • Complexity of new web service – JWT token design, expiry, usage etc. 15%
  • Use of 3rd Party Web Service 10%
  • Documentation of web service – API, adherence to standards e.g. json, notes on consumption of service etc. 15%
  • Database design – ERD required. 10%
  • Web Service Code – use of functions etc. 10%
  • User interface web site – MVC recommended. 15%
  • Report on the design, implementation and testing performed. 25%



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