PHP代写 | 2703ICT Web Application Development Assignment 1


Assignment 1 – 2703ICT Web Application Development
Due Date: 2nd September 2019 (Monday Week 8) 9am Weight: 20%

Individual Assignment
For this assignment you are required to build the foundation for a social media application. You will be required to implement the ability for posts to be added to a timeline, posts to be edited and deleted, and for comments to be added to posts.
There is no requirement in Assignment 1 to support multiple users (we will do this for assignment 2).
The name and design of the website can be to your choosing however it must satisfy the following requirements:
1. All pages must have a navigation menu, either across the top of the page or down the left or right column.
2. The home page must display all posts. Only posts should be displayed, not comments.
3. Next to each post there should a number indicating how many comments are there for this
4. From the home page, click on a post will bring up the comments page. The comments page for a
post should contain that post and all comments for that post.
5. The home page must display a form for the user to create a new post. Each post should contain
a title, a message, a date, an icon, and a user’s name (the user is not required to login, they can simply enter their name in the post form). All posts can have the same icon. When creating a new post, user must enter the title, message, and user’s name. Date can either be entered or generated by the system. After a new post is successfully created, it should redirect back to the home page.
6. Users can edit posts. After a post is edited, the comments page for that post is displayed.
7. Users can delete posts. When user deletes a post, the comments for that post should also be
8. Users can add comments to a post. A comment must have a message and a user, but no title.
9. Users can delete comments.
10. There is a page that lists all unique users that have made a post (i.e. a user is only displayed
once no matter how many posts this user has made). Clicking on the user should display all
posts made by that user.
11. There is a most recent page, which shows only the posts that have been made in the last 7
Technical requirements
1. This assignment must be implemented using Laravel. Database access should be implemented via raw SQL and executed through Laravel’s DB class. You are not to use Laravel’s ORM (ORM will be used for assignment 2).
2. An SQL file should be used to create tables and insert initial data. There should be enough initial data to thoroughly test the retrieval, update, and deletion functionalities you have implemented.
3. All input must be validated; validation errors message must be displayed within the view.
4. Proper security measures must be implemented, e.g. perform HTML and SQL sanitisation etc.
You should be able to explain the security measures you have implemented.

5. Template inheritance must be properly used.
6. Good coding practice is expected. This includes:
– Naming: using consistent, readable, and descriptive names for files, functions, variables etc.
– Readability: correct indenting/spacing of code.
– Commenting: there should at least be a short description for each function.
For further details of the requirements, refer to the marking rubric. All requirements from both the assignment specification and marking rubric must be satisfied.
Submission Requirements
You must submit the following items for the assignment:
• An ER diagram for the database
• A short document describing what you were able to complete, what you were not able to
complete, any interesting approaches you took, and any extra that was implemented.
• The above ER diagram and documentation should be provided as a page (or pages) in the
website and linked to from the navigation menu.
• A compressed file containing ALL the files in your submission (including all PHP code, SQL to create the database, and documentations as described above).
o This file must be submitted via [email protected] through the assignment 1 link.
• Copy and paste the code from your routes/web.php file into the SafeAssign text area.
Note: You are responsible for regularly backing up your work. Hence, if you lose your file due to not backing up, then expect to be heavily penalised.
Peer Review
Assignments will be marked by your tutor in the lab following the due date of the assignment. Before or at the start of your laboratory class for assignment marking, you must complete Peer Review for your submission.
The peer review activity requires you to demonstrate and explain your work to a fellow student (peer) that have already submitted their assignment (you should check their [email protected] submission page to make sure of this). Your peer will review your assignment using a print out of the rubric. To indicate the completion of peer assessment, your peer need to record the date and time of peer assessment and sign the rubric (form).
Assignment Demonstration and Marking
After you have completed your peer review, you must demonstrate and explain your work to your tutor in Week 8 lab to have your submission marked by your tutor.
If you don’t do Peer Review and then demonstrate your assignment to your tutor, your submission will be regarding as incomplete, hence you will not receive a mark for this assessment item!
During the demonstration, you need to show the last modified date of your file (on Elf, run the command: ls -la in your routes directory).


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