PHP代写CMS | Information Technology Web Development Assessment 2

Web Development Assessment 2 – 15 Credit Course
Planning and creating a website, including Reflection Due week 15 & 16
The Assessment will be due in two parts. Files are to be uploaded to Moodle.
• The Design Plan will be due 14 June at midnight.
• Website and Reflection Document will be due 21 June at 5pm.
Learning Outcomes:

• •
Website and exploring what CMS means and how it relates.
Through this assignment the students will demonstrate their ability to:
1. Use HTML and CSS to build a web page.
2. Plan basic information architecture that enhances user experience. 3. Build pages that match the look of a specified design.
4. Use HTML and scripting elements to add function to a website.
5. Examine library and framework options for web development.
6. Describe how a CMS uses a database on the server side.
7. Manipulate web content using a CMS.
8. Compare client side and server side functions.
9. Design media elements and add them to a website.
Create a website based on your favourite Band or Singer.
• The website must include:
Design a simple website to meet a given purpose that uses specified elements to enhance user
Create a functional webpage implementing a given design.
Use a Content Management System to manage the server and client side aspects of a website.
 At least five pages.
 At least six images (this may include your background image).
 Two examples of JavaScript, one internal and external.
 CSS – fonts changed and using h1-h3 appropriately. Remember that the top heading
uses h1, subtitle h2, and minor titles h3. Remember to include comments in CSS to
make it easy to locate features and sections, but not every line.
 Try and pick a responsive template. Make sure you test it as you make the website).
 Create a logo for your pages and create an avatar of yourself for the footer or your
website. Include a description in the reflection part.
 Include internal navigation and external links to other sites
The focus is still on the planning: So make sure you plan out your website and then create a website to reflect your plan.

Design Plan
• Create a design plan outlining the pages and how they link together using a screenshot of your Muse plan within the document. With a sentence/paragraph summary of what will be on each page within your plan.
 Include a layout plan for your pages, for instance you might have one layout of the home
page and the other pages may all follow the same layout – so two diagrams with
explanations in that case.
 Explain the features you have added that enhance the user experience, layout preferences
you have within your website.
Website Features:
Last time many students didn’t use the structures that were needed. So this time I hope you can improve on this and include the details below.
• Use the containers for the appropriate areas <header>, <nav>, <aside>, <article> and <footer>.
• Use the appropriate heading sizes from <h1>…<h3>. You can change these in your CSS if the sizes are inappropriate within your webpages.
• Six images within your website.
• Navigation with internal links
• Links to external information on your band or singer.
• JavaScript: Include two scripts, one internal and one external, are required.
• Insert a video of your band or singer.
• Include your avatar and logo in the footer
Think of it as a test document, including the process, and think about what changes happened between the plan and the final website. Did you manage to match the design? If not, why was it changed? Include some of the design decisions that you made during the development and explain why.
As part of the reflection document include the following:
Web application comparison
You have had a play with WordPress and several other web programs. Give a brief comparison of three web apps including WordPress.
• What version did you find easiest to use for making webpages?
• Was it helpful using templates to create webpages, or did the hinder your webpage
• What would you recommend for a friend who was starting to create their first webpage?
Content Management Systems
Include in your reflection a section about Content Management Systems (CMS):
• Define what a Content Management System (CMS) means (in your own words)?
Including what the CMS does.
• Give at least 3 examples of a CMS you have used.

• What are the advantages of using a CMS for Website Development? Are there any disadvantages?
Client-side vs Server-side Functions
Include a description of the difference between client side and server side functions. Include example of both client side and server side functions.
Logo and Avatar:
• Give a brief description of your inspiration for the logo. How did you create it?
• For your avatar, also include a description of how you made the image.
• Include any acknowledgements needed (e.g. a website for creating parts of your Avatar)


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