Processing代写 | UTS 41225Assignment 3


Assignment 3
Due Date: Saturday the 26th of October (23:59) Weight: 40%
Referencing Style: UTS Harvard
You will draw on the best aspects of each of the prototypes developed in assignment 2 to create a final, fully tested, interactive media application which will be demonstrated in class.
Assessment Criteria:
• Presentation clarity and completeness 10%
• Technical quality of interactive media application 35%
• Design quality and originality of interactive media application 35%
• Quality and insightfulness of student reflection on the design and development process 20%
Important information about your multimedia project:
PART ONE – A working version of your work/application (zip file and 5 minute video)
• Compile your multimedia project into a single zip file.
• Include a README file that contains basic instructions on how to run/use the application.
• Before you submit your final multimedia project, make sure you have fully tested the application. Have someone else (outside your group) test the application and provide feedback.
PART TWO – Documentation that explains the design criteria and lessons learned (2000 words)
The following section headings are a guide for the documentation:
• Title
• Background – outline the work and research completed to date. Highlight the objectives of the project.
• Design Criteria – the criteria that guided the development of your work. Design criteria relate to goals you had for your work. For example, one design criteria might be ‘the application should be easy to use’. Include screenshots through this section that highlight how key features of your multimedia project have met your design criteria.

• Final Project – the group needs to publish a short video (4-5 minutes) showcasing major features of your work. Provide a link to your group’s video in this section.
• Critical Reflection – answers the question: what you would do differently next time?
• Summarise any lessons you have learned from your experiences with this project.
• References – using UTS Harvard Referencing
• Appendices (if applicable)
Before you submit the documentation, make sure you proofread your work. Have multiple team members review the content: Check the structure and style – is it a logical structure? Have you used academic language? Have you been consistent with your heading styles, font, diagrams etc? Check the grammar – have you checked your spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and paragraph structure?
How to submit:
Submit your group assessment via the Assessment link in UTSOnline by the due date.
The due date for this assessment task is Week 13 and you need to make one submission that includes the final multimedia project and your documentation to UTSOnline.
Submit via a zip file using the filename structure: GroupName_FinalProject_2019.
On submission, each team member is also required to specify his contribution to the project or it should describe their contribution during the presentation in week 12.
If you are experiencing minor difficulties in meeting the assessment deadline and need an extension of up to five days, please contact me before the due date with any supporting documentation to request an extension.
If you are experiencing more serious circumstances, you may be eligible for special consideration. This must be done before the due date of the assignment. The UTS Procedures for the Assessment of Coursework Subjects outlines the details and how you can apply for special consideration in such cases: circumstances/special
If you have any questions that have not been answered above, post them to the Discussion Board in UTSOnline. For questions that relate to minor difficulties in meeting the due date, I am available to discuss the possibility of an extension in class or via email [email protected]


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