CS代考 | COMP30024 Arti cial Intelligence


Question 1 (10 marks) [Write your answers on this page]
Pick the most appropriate answer to each of the following questions. Please write your
answer to each question in the boxes below.
Question (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
Answer 3 1 2 4 1

(a) The environment for a lecture timetabling system is:
1. observable, stochastic, discrete
2. partially-observable, stochastic, continuous
3. observable, deterministic, discrete
4. partially-observable, stochastic, continuous

(b) What is the time complexity of iterative deepening search:
1. O(bd)
2. O(bd)
3. O(bd=2)
4. none of the above

(c) Which of the following problems is not suited to using constraint satisfaction search:
1. sta roster in a cafe
2. poker
3. exam scheduling
4. oce layout design

(d) An auction has a dominant strategy if:
1. the goods go to the agent who values them the most
2. the auction mechanism discourages agreements between bidders to manipulate prices
3. the strategy results in bidders revealing their true value for a good
4. none of the above

Question 1 (continued) [Write your answers on the previous page]
(e) Given P(a) = 0:5 and P(b) = 0:4 for two Boolean random variables A and B, in which
of the following joint probability tables are A and B absolutely independent :
a :a
b 0.2 0.2
:b 0.3 0.3
a :a
b 0.9 0
:b 0 0.1
a :a
b 0.25 0.25
:b 0.25 0.25
a :a
b 0.2 0.3
:b 0.2 0.3


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