Python代写|Introduction to Python Programming for Data Science Final Project



Assessment marking

Your mark will be the result of the way we grade at the University of Edinburgh. An Excellent mark such as 70% is what might be expected from a submission that met all the main criteria (see p.12-15 of ‘Essential Guide.pdf’ on the course Learn site) and got just about everything “right”.

However, to be awarded a mark above this, and in particular in the 80%+ range, the submission needs to go “above and beyond that expected at this level of study” (i.e. a beginner’s introduction to Python at Masters level). For this, innovative items such as interactive graphs and other more advanced visualisation techniques could be implemented.  In the past, some students have for example generated summary tables and other visual ways to make the results more interpretable for the user. Others implemented a GUI, or calculated additional statistics.

There are many “extras” that could be added, but the point is that the selection and implementation of these extras is decided by the student and it is this that demonstrates the independence, originality and “flair” (see p.12-15 of ‘Essential Guide.pdf’ on the course Learn site) that is necessary to achieve these sorts of exceptional and unusual marks (i.e. 80%+).

Good Coding Style Guide

What is good coding style? Here are a few guidelines:

  • Good code is well-organised.
  • Good code #comments (documentation) explain why things are done, not just what is done.
  • Good code uses meaningful naming conventions for all but the most transient of objects (e.g. variables or functions). The name of something is informative about when and how to use the object.
  • Good code is not “clever”. It does things in straightforward, obvious ways.  Never pursue efficiency at the expense of clarity when your code is being marked!
  • Good code is developed in small, easy to read units of computation. These units are reused throughout the code, e.g. functions.


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