Python代写 | 210CT Assignment 2

210CT Assignment 2
1 Assignment 2
The coursework component will be in the form of an application with some requirements to fulfil.
For this hand-in, you should include the application and which requirements that are met. The list of
requirements is given below.
2 Submission
The deadline for submission is [13/06/2020 Saturday]. You should submit your work as a single PDF
document with each requirement beginning on a new page. You must submit the project through
Late submissions will be awarded ZERO marks. If you have a genuine reason for needing to submit
late, you can request an extension from faculty registry (at reception).
Your document should be submitted as a PDF in the form NAME_210CTPF2.pdf, where NAME is
your name in camel case.
ILO Intended Learning Outcome Assignment Ques6on/Requirement
1 Understand and select appropriate algorithms for solving a
range of problems
Requirements 1 to 5
2 Design and implement algorithms and data structures for
novel problems.
Requirements 1 to 5
3 Reason about the complexity
and efficiency of algorithms
This is addressed in A1W8PCT25
4 Demonstrate the use of advanced language features such
as events, GUIs and concurrency
Requirement 6
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3 SMRT Smart Mapper (SSM)
Singapore is connected with SMRT stations to facilitate quicker transportation. SSM is an application where the stations are linked up. The diagram in the Appendix shows the map of the SMRT system connected.
Design your SSM application using a WEIGHTED GRAPH.
4 Requirements for SSM
The requirements are listed below. You should have been completing these requirements on a weekly
Note that marks are also awarded for presentation.
Requirement 1 – REPRESENTATION of the map in Figure 1 (Appendix A)
Represent the network of the SMRT stations shown in Figure 1 with a weighted graph using adjacency list or linked-list.
Requirement 2 – Link an SMRT station to another SMRT station.
Add a link between two stations on the map.
Requirement 3 – Delink a SMRT station from a SMRT station.
Remove a link between two stations on the map. If this is the last link on the map, prompt the user
that the link cannot be removed.
Requirement 4 – Traverse the SSM Map from a given SMRT station.
Hint: This requirement can be done using a Bread-First Search or a Depth First search.
Requirement 5 – Perform Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm given a source station and a destination
Print the path and all possible shortest paths from source to destination and state the weight (1 link is
considered weight of 1).
Requirement 6 – Build a GUI that will allow the user to perform the actions listed in Requirements 1
to 5.
Others – Additional features or tasks will be considered and awarded marks.


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