Python代写 | CP2403/CP3413: Project – Part 2


CP2403/CP3413: Project – Part 2

In Project Part 2, you will required to apply appropriate data management, data visualization and
data analytic techniques for a given scenario. The techniques required to complete this project are
covered in Module 1 – Module 10 of the subject. You will have to explain what conclusions you draw
after completing the different data analytics.
This project consists of Part A and Part B.
Part A:
The California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) was formed in 1949 to study
the ecological aspects of the sardine population collapse off California. CalCOFI conducts quarterly
cruises off southern & central California, collecting a suite of hydrographic and biological data on
station and underway. The CalCOFI data set represents the longest (1949-present) and most
complete (more than 50,000 sampling stations) time series of oceanographic in the world.
The physical, chemical, and biological data collected at regular time and space intervals quickly
became valuable for documenting climatic cycles in the California Current and a range of biological
responses to them. Data collected at depths down to 500 m include: temperature, salinity, oxygen,
phosphate, silicate, nitrate and nitrite, chlorophyll, transmissometer, PAR and C14 primary

Part B
You are provided with the Iowa Lottery Weekly Sales by Game Type Dataset (sales.csv). Select one
game type and perform time series analysis (ARIMA). What conclusion can you draw from the ARIM
Hint: Refer to Module 10 and Practicals 10 for help


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