Python代写 | SIT764/SIT782 – Team Project (A) & (B)


SIT764/SIT782 – Team Project (A) & (B)

1. Using a web browser of your choice, log into the local Bitbucket server: – please use your student credentials.
NOTE: please do not use the cloud-based Bitbucket server for this unit as you
will need to create new credentials (and we have no control what happens on
the cloud-based server).
2. Locate the repository “Capstone-Git-Training” and create a fork of this
repository into your personal workspace on the local Bitbucket server. The
menus on the left of your browser window have an icon where you can fork this
NOTE: you do not have write permission in the repository “Capstone-GitTraining” itself and hence you have to create your own fork.
3. By using a git client of your choice (e.g., Atalassian’s SourceTree) clone the
forked repository from your personal space onto your working machine (i.e.
your desktop of laptop). The URL of your repository will appear once you press
the clone icon on the left.
4. Once you have a local clone of the repository ready, check out the “helloworld” branch of the repository.
5. You will see a file called “hello-world.txt” on the “hello-world” branch
– this file is not present on the “master” branch and hence if you cannot see
this file, you have checked out the wrong branch. Open this file (with a text
editor of your choice) and edit it as per the instructions given in the file.
6. Commit the changes you have made – please use an appropriate commit
message to indicate the changes you have made. It is important that you get
used to creating meaningful commit messages for your project work.
7. Create a new file in the “hello-world” branch (choose a suitable file name –
your choice), add some contents to this file, add it to the repository, and
commit your changes (again, use a meaningful commit message).
8. Inspect the log history of your repository in order to see what changes have
been made. Include the commits of all branches in the log history.
9. Push the changes you have made locally on your working machine to your
repository onto the local Bitbucket server.
10.Back in the browser window, create a pull request back to the repository
“Capstone-Git-Training”. You will find a corresponding icon on the left of your


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