本次澳洲作业案例是一个SQL代写相关的project assignment

The goal of this project is to gain practical experience in applying several database management concepts and techniques using the Oracle DBMS.

Your main task is to first populate your database with appropriate data, then design,implement, and test the appropriate queries to perform the tasks explained in the next sections.

You must work on this project individually. Academic integrity policies apply. Please refer to 3.60.04 Student Integrity and Misconduct of the University Policy for more information.

Roadmap: Section 1 describes the database schema for your project and it also provides instructions on downloading the script file needed to create and populate your database. Section 2 describes the tasks to be completed for this project. Finally,Section 3 provides you with all the necessary submission guidelines.

Enjoy the project!


The Database: The MOVIES database (Figure 1) captures the information regarding movies and the actors in these movies. The database includes six tables: film, actor,category, language, film_actor, and film_category. Film keeps track of film details.
Actor stores information about all actors in the movie industry. Category stores the information about the different types of film categories. Language stores the different languages in which these movies are released. Film_actor and film_category keep track of which actors have acted in which films, and which films are classified under which categories, respectively.

The Script File: Please go to Blackboard and download the supplementary script file for this project “prjScript.sql”.

The Database Constraints: The following table lists all the constraints that should be created on the MOVIES database.