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COSC2408 Programming Project 1, Capstone Project
Guidelines for the project report and delivered product
The exact structure and content of the report will depend on the type of project and any specific requirements of the client/supervisor.
Who is the reader? In writing the report, keep in mind that the intended audience is: • Your supervisor and client.
• An external examiner who is not familiar with the project. 1 Software Development Projects
You must submit two files, a report as pdf and the actual product as a zip file. Here are the details:
1.1 The Report
The file name should be groupname.pdf and it should contain the following sections:
1. Project Vision/Charter (including the risk register and the issues register)
2. Development Guide (if required)
3. Test management document including test planning and test results. Bugs and issues that are left in final release must be matched with release.txt on Github.
4. Technical Solution/ System Design Document
1.2 Delivered Product
The file name should be and it should contain:
1. A readme file (readme.txt) that contains any release notes, installation and running instructions (you can refer to the to development guide document), any change log, the Github URL of the project, the URL of the deployed project on the cloud and any cre- dential information for the deploying and running the product.
2. The final source code file ( which must include the all the source code, images, sounds, movies, release notes). Do not include any compiled files, there will be a deduction for including complied files.
3. Data management information (data.txt) which describes the exact type of DB, the version and the DB connection address if it is on the cloud with authorisation informa- tion and any other necessary information
Programming Project 1, Capstone Project 1 10-Apr-2019

4. A Demo pdf (groupname-demo.pdf) that contains screenshots of the working app for different scenarios that cover all the main functions of the application. You can show validation cases through different scenarios and their screenshots, if there are any.
2 Research Project/Data Analysis Project
You must submit two files, the report as pdf and any programs or scripts as a zip file. Here are the details:
2.1 The Report
The file name should be groupname.pdf. Here is a suggested structure for the report.
1. Introduction. This section should describe the data and the tasks attempted to a person
who is not familiar with this data.
2. A series of sections with this structure:
(a) Question/Hypothesis. For example Are there any differences in the ways that the dif- ferent age groups used the learning management system?
(b) Methodology. Describe the data file used and any processing used to get the data file for analysis. For example, We joined studentInfo.csv with studentVle.csv and cut out id student,age band,sum click and calculated the total sum click for each student id. We produced one file for each of the two major age bands. (Script xxx in the zip file).
(c) Data generated by the investigation. For example, Frequency and histogram data for each age band, which is shown in these graphs…
(d) Conclusions. For example, By visual inspection, are the frequency or histogram plots the same for each age group? Or how are they different?
3. Findings and Conclusions. List and describe any interesting facts, patterns or relation- ships that you found. For example, We found that the usage patterns of the two large age groups were very different. In the younger age group …. while in the older age group ….
2.2 The zip file.
The file name should be and it should contain any code or scripts used in the analysis. It should be clear in the zip file which programs/scripts were used for which questions in the report.
Programming Project 1, Capstone Project 2 10-Apr-2019


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