WEB代写 | Web Programming Quiz 2

本次美国代写主要为web programming的quiz


Here’s a function expression using an arrow function.

x => “the number “+x;

An equivalent function expression is…


function (x) { “the number “+x; }


x = “the number “+x;


function (x) { return “the number “+x; }


x = function () { return “the number “+x; }


Here is an object which holds a string, and has a method that removes the last letter.  Notice the return value of the method.

let strObj = {

data: “hobbit”,

shorten: function () {

this.data = this.data.slice(0,-1);

return this;



After executing the following code, what does the variable x contain?


let x = strObj.shorten();


the method .shorten().


the object strObj.






Here’s a function that takes a function as input and returns an object.

function makeObj(f) {

return {

x: “cow”,

manipulate: function () {

return f(this.x);




What do the following lines print?


let y = makeObj(function (x) { return x+”s”; } ).manipulate();



“function() {…}”, because y contains a function.


“object {…}” because y contains an object.






Please write a Javascript for loop that constructs an array of ten functions.  We will call the array “adders”, and we want the function in adders[i] to take an input x and return x+i.  We initialize adders as an array of length 10:

let adders = [null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null]



console.log(“Adders”,adders[4](3), adders[1](10));

Your loop should go where the blanks are.  The last line should then print “Adders 7 11”.   Your loop can have more than two lines.





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